About us

Get to Know the owner:

My name is Iraliz I’m the CEO of "Ira's Jewelry Shop", and this is what I love to do. Making Handmade jewelry is a skill I’ve decided upon myself to learn. Our purpose is to be a positive influence towards other and inspire them to follow their dreams. This amazing jewelry shop offers you a huge variety of colors, beads, and unique pieces of jewelry. The best part is all at an affordable price range. We would like to thank all of you people that made this dream possible, just by giving us the opportunity of making to craft some wonderful jewelry handmade with love for you.

  • Here are a few facts about Ira’s Jewelry Shop:
    - Launched on November 2 of 2020.
    - Our concept is based around the beauty and style of unique jewelry!
    - All handmade and affordable products!