·      About our Earrings:

1.Are all the products handmade?

Yes, which makes them more unique.   

2. Are all the earrings hypoallergenic?

Most of them are either stainless steel or hypoallergenic, we are working very hard every day to improve our earrings quality and material. Just make sure to always read the description before making your final purchase.

3. Can I order different colors?

Of course, just make your selection before placing the product in your cart.


4. I am allergic to metal; do you guys sell plastic hypoallergenic earrings?

-We are sorry to inform but we will have them soon. Just make sure to follow our socials for when we announce more variations of hypoallergenic earrings.


5. Do you sell different types of earrings?

- Yes, we do, we have hoops, studs, and hook earrings. All in different sizes and colors, just check the product description for more information. We will surely keep adding more colors, shapes and sizes in the future.


6.What materials are the earrings made of?

-Mostly out of stainless steel, hypoallergenic materials.  Most of our products are nickel and lead free. Remember to always check out the description of that specific product. Each product is made of different materials.


7. Do you sell clip-on earrings?

- We Have clip-on earrings, just state in the note section that you would like clip on and we will gladly change it!



·      All about our Bracelets:


1.    What type of bracelets are available?

-In our shop we offer a great variety of colors and different types of beads. Each bracelet is handmade in a completely unique way. We hope that from time to time, we can add different style of bracelets.


2.    What are the bracelets made from?

-Many of the bracelets are made from stretch cord. But remember in the description there is more information available about the material used.


3.    What size are the bracelets?

-      The bracelets are about average wrist size that is around 7 inches or 8.


·      All about our rings:


1.    What size are the rings?

-For now, the beaded rings fit from size 7-9. More sizes will be available in the future.


·       All about our necklaces:


1.    How is the customization process of the necklace?

-Pretty simple, you select the option for the necklace that you want. Meaning you can choose what symbol and the name that will be engraved on it. Before completing your purchase leave a note in the note section and write.


-Name: Laly

-Rose symbol

  2.  How much time will it take?

-It can take in between of 3 to 5 days to be made and then shipped out. It all depends on the quantity of orders that I must prepare so my apologies for the inconvenience this can cause.

. What are the necklaces made out of?

   - The materials that are currently used are a stainless-steel chain and aluminum. In the description of our products, you can always find more information about a certain products.



·      Payments:

1.   What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept PayPal for now but will add more forms of payment soon...

2.    How can I pay?

Just simply proceed to your cart and put the information in the right boxes and you just log in to your PayPal account and its all good. Also, you can log in as a guest if you don’t have a PayPal account.



·      Shipping and processing:


1.When can I expect my order?

we use standard shipping, so between 3-5 days. Remember this is small business and day by day, we will improve the most we can.


2.  What about processing time?

Processing time may take between 3-5 days. Because this is a small business, but by tthe the the ime we shall keep doing everything better for our clients.


3. Where do you ship?

-We ship all over the USA and Puerto Rico. Little by little,we will keep adding more places that we want to be able to ship to.

 ·      Contact us:


1. Where may I contact you?

Oh, you want to talk to us, yes you can. Feel free to contact us through our social media If It is about something serious, media seto to nd an email irasjewelry21@gmail.com and we will reply within a few days.

2.  Where can I leave a review?

it should appear at the bottom of the home page. Simply type your name and email, leave your rating and it's all good.

3.Can I tag you in a post about your products?

Yes, you can tag us through Facebook or Instagram. We love to see how happy you are with our products.

4.Do you guys have a social media page?

You can find us on Instagram as @irasjewelry, Facebook as @irasjewelry and we also use Pinterest @irasjewelry.