• Shipping and processing

Where do you ship to?

-Currently, we only offer to ship to the US and Puerto Rico. We are working hard every day to expand our services to other places too.

How much is the processing time?

-Our current processing time is about 3 days. Each order is prepared with love and care. We just like to make sure every piece and accessory is well made for you.

How long does shipping take?

-We use standard shipping, so between 3-5 days.

Does it include a tracking number?

-Yes, as it is for the US or PR it includes a tracking number from which you can view the status of your package.


  • Contact info

Where may I contact you?

-Feel free to contact us through our social media or you can send an email to irasjewelry21@gmail.com and we will reply within a few days.

 Do you guys have a social media page?

-You can find us on Instagram as @irasjewelry, Facebook as @irasjewelry and we also use Pinterest @irasjewelry.

  • Payments

What payment methods are available?

-Currently available, we have PayPal.

What if I’m having problems with PayPal?

-You would have to contact PayPal directly as it is an issue regarding your account with them.

  • All about our jewelry


What materials are they made of?

-Mostly out of stainless steel, hypoallergenic materials.  Most of our products are nickel and lead-free. Remember to always check out the description of that specific product. Each product is made of different materials.

Are there clip-ons available?

-Yes, we have clip-is available in silver color. Just order the earrings of your choice and let us know that you would like a clip-on instead and we will gladly change them.


What is the size of the bracelets?

-We currently use the average wrist size which is 7’’. However, it depends on the type of bracelet you are interested in. We also have some adjustable bracelets, and others aren’t

What are they made of?

-Depending on the bracelet if it’s a cord bracelet it would be nylon. If it’s a beaded bracelet then it's a stretch cord. Those are going to be the two most common materials for bracelets.


What are they made from?

-Our chain necklaces are going to be stainless steel. Our chokers are made with a wire-like cord. For more information about a necklace material, you can view it in the product description.