Positive Phrase Necklaces

  • Positive Phrase Necklaces
  • Positive Phrase Necklaces
  • Positive Phrase Necklaces

Positive phrase necklaces:
Get yourself a beautiful stainless steel chain necklace with a aluminium blank with a unique phrase. With these necklaces you can feel more empowered and have more positive reminders!

I love you: Reminders to love the people around you, friends,family and that special someone too. Also you can remind that person that you love them and appreciate them very much.

Worth it: Because sometimes in life we have to make difficult choices and a lot of the times the out come is totally worth it.

Be brave: I choose this one because it is a healthy  reminder to stay brave in front of situations. Be brave, be strong, no matter what is in your way, you got this.

Be happy: Don't  forget to be happy even though that happiness may seem hard to achieve or reach. Do the things that make you happy.  "Don't worry, be happy"

Self love: You have to learn to love yourself before you can love others.  The best kind of love you can give is to yourself.
Bad b!tch: This word has been used throughout time to insult and suppress women. Now we claim it and turn it into a compliment, because what can be better than being the baddest b!tch out there. Go on and claim this word because it will not be used against us anymore. Now-a-days it is represented as a symbolism of someone who is resistant,strong and doesn't care what other people may think.