Store policies

*Due to covid-19 order may take a bit of more time to arrive*

*All sales are final*

*Custom work may take 3-5 to make, so please have patience with me* 


1.What if, an item I purchased arrives damaged?

Oh, your product arrived in bad conditions. We are so sorry about that. Please contact us as via email,(YOU HAVE 3 DAYS TO REPORT THE ISSUE)and remember to send a picture of the item that arrived damaged. The best we can do is either offer you a new item or give you a full refund. You will not be charged anything extra for our mistake.


2. What can I do if I want to cancel my order?

We suggest that you double check the items before making a final purchase. We will not accept any kind of order cancelation. Meaning that if you try to cancel your order, we will not give you a refund or returns. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you, just remember to double check your cart before anything else.


3.What can I do if I receive the incorrect item or item color?

YOU HAVE 3 DAYS TO REPORT ANY ISSUE WITH YOUR PRODUCT, via email , remember to send a picture of the item so we can assist you even more. You can choose between receiving the correct item and you can keep what was mistakenly sent, so I can send the correct item. You will not be charged any of this mistake, we sincerely apologize and hope we can make it up to you.


4. My package got lost in the mail, what can I do?

Remember we do provide a tracking number, but we are not responsible for any lost package. You may contact USPS for further information about your package. You can file a claim with USPS. The best we can do for you is help with the process along with USPS.


5. I don't like the item I got...

Well it was your choice to buy it, we are sorry to hear, your expectations were not met by our product. But sadly, we can't offer any refunds or returns.


6. What if I wrote my address wrong?

 Inform us via Gmail at Or Instagram dm and remember to provide your order number, immediately before your order is shiped . We will fix this mistake immediately.


7. I had a problem paying with PayPal...

Contact PayPal immediately, we are not responsible for any issues with your PayPal account.


8. COVID-19 protocol

 All products are cleaned before sending, with alcohol or wet wipes. We want to make sure you stay equally as safe as we do. But remember to always clean your packages when they arrived because they were in contact with other people like the mailman etc. stay safe and always wear your mask.